High pressure washers.

High pressure washers.

High pressure washers.

Vova: Pleasantly surprised, the length of the high-pressure hose is 8 meters, which is better than that of my ex-Karcher who burned out.

Kolya: Good technology.

Oleksandr: The length of the network cable is 1.5 m.

Arthur: Washing class! I have had it for more than 2 years. It saves a lot of time and money on car washing. Plus she can wash the fence, tiles, garage.

Dnipro-M has excellent equipment quality.

Sergey: The car wash works perfectly, the order was sent on time, the managers are working well.

Vladimir: I got myself this sink last year on this site. I am very surprised by the quality of the technique and the number of attachments. I recommend to everyone the KATAR USQ27SG-130B Pressure Washer.

High pressure washers (mini washers)

washing the car and all vehicles; cleaning the house, yard, garden and park areas; cleaning of facades, machinery and agricultural equipment.

We offer to buy a pressure washer at a low price in the Optoweek.com.ua store in Kharkov or order online with delivery to Kiev and Ukraine. All AED devices are provided with an official manufacturer’s warranty.

Why buy a car wash.

Saving the budget for commercial services – the cost of the cheapest high-pressure apparatus is UAH 1900. The unit is compact, convenient for transportation and storage, takes up little space. Simple maintenance and operation, no special skills required. The mini-washer cleans any surface inside and outside the car, it is a universal vehicle washer.

Wide scope of application – cleaning the local area, washing windows, paving slabs, facades, roofs, pools, gazebos, fences, carpets, equipment, any structures, removing old paint and watering.


The catalog contains household and professional high-pressure washers of various power (1200-7500 W) and water consumption up to 1800 liters per hour, self-priming mini-washers with the function of taking water from the tank.

Popular manufacturers: Cleaner, Edon, Grunhelm, Katar, Kraissmann, STIHL, Tekhmann, Dnipro-M.

What to buy a high pressure mini-washer.